Crazy Easy Profits?

Isn’t that what they all promise?

Honestly, you’d be crazy to believe the hype that you can make money online overnight with little or no work. But an online income — and a good one — IS doable, and definitely worthwhile, and I’ll show you how — without the unrealistic hype. In the meantime, here’s a little of what I know for sure about Internet Marketing.


I’m Ruthless with Email Marketers

Shark - a ruthless predator

By Lhb1239 via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, I am.  They get NO mercy from me whatsoever.

And I have a unique system   (at least I think it’s unique, despite how simple it is) for permanently weeding out those who refuse to hold up their end of the bargain.

What bargain, you ask? why the one they implicitly entered into in exchange for my email address — and that is to educate, entertain and/or delight me at least SOME of the time Read more »


Please Don’t Make That Video

Video MarketingOkay, I’m not stupid. I know video is the hottest thing going right now and that there are 72 hours worth of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. (Yikes!!)

But I’m begging you: please don’t do that video you have in mind. Or if you must — Read more »


Hello, Technorati ! How to Get Listed on

Get Listed in Technorati

I’ve been aware of Technorati for a very long time — nearly forever. Such a cool name, don’t you think? The glitterati, the technorati — oh yeah, that’s me (cough, cough).

Okay, I’m neither.

What I didn’t realize was that you can have your blog listed on Technorati — I was under the impression that they had to choose, and surely it wouldn’t be my blog they’d chose, so I never even explored further. I am so glad to find out that I was wrong — or at least, yes, they choose, but you can apply. Read more »


This Is Not MLM – What’s Wrong with MLM?

This Is Not MLMAs a lifelong advocate and consumer of alternative healthcare products of all sorts, it wasn’t all that difficult to lure me into Multi-Level Marketing a good number of years ago because it was easy to see that these products typically require more customer education than most.

Actually, my first exposure to MLM was prior to that. It was a brief — and painful — experience MANY years ago during my first marriage.  Yecccch. The worst thing I remember about that period was Read more »


Confessions of an Accidental Webmaster (Me)

I wish I knew html, I wish I knew some type of programming, I wish I knew a lot about putting websites together and making fancy web pages, but I do not. Period, End of Discussion. In the several years since I’ve had websites of my own, I’ve learned precious little beyond how to add bold and italics to text, but yet somehow I manage.

Well, not “somehow” at all. One of my secrets for being able to manage at all is that I have help — Paid help (though not paid by me, fortunately — or, that is, not directly).

My secret is  Read more »


Pinterest Extravaganza — 10 Great Pinterest Resources

I wrote about my own personal love of Pinterest and its new Business Boards recently, and serendipity struck immediately. Ever since I’ve been encountering all these wonderful Pinterest Resources to share with you in what I hope will be a terrific catch-all Top Pinterest Resources blog post, and this clearly is it! (Lucky you!)Need Pinnable Images for Pinterest!

One of the main reasons I’m writing about Pinterest — aside from my own personal love of it — is that so often I am visiting other blogs, find a great post I’d love to share on Pinterest, and can’t: There are no pinnable images! THIS HAS GOT TO STOP, LOL. Read more »


What Google Wants — Pages

You’re setting up your blog with the hopes and expectation it will be seen by someone other than you. Otherwise, you’d just keep an old-fashioned journal in hardcopy format (or perhaps in a Word document).

What Google WantsAnd, as we all know, Google can help with that — IF Google wants to, that is. And Google doesn’t always want to. It depends on a lot of things, like how popular your site already is, what other popular and well-respected (by Google) sites think of it (by linking to it), and so forth. And, as I mentioned the other day, how “sticky” your site is counts too.

One of the lesser-known “requirements” for getting Google to give a  hoot about your site is whether or not you have the specific information Google wants all serious websites to have in the form of certain content Read more »


Is Your Website Sticky Enough?

How about your Sales Page(s)? Landing page? Etc.?

You know about “sticky,” don’t you? It’s one of the things Google is interested in about your site as a whole plus your various posts and pages.

Is Your Website Sticky Enough?

By Ramesh NG via Wikimedia Commons

Google considers your site sticky if it’s interesting enough to visitors  so that they stay awhile. Google is utterly compulsive-obsessive about wanting to deliver relevant results to people who go googling for information, and “stickiness” lets Google know you’re site is probably relevant.

If, on the other hand, visitors take one look and quickly exit, Read more »


Are You Maximizing Pinterest?

Hot Social Media Tip for BloggersAre you a Pinterest user?

I personally love Pinterest, but up til now I’ve used it primarily for my own personal enjoyment.

Did you know that if you already have a Pinterest board, you can convert it, if you want, to a Business Board?

That’s right: BUSINESS BOARD!! Read more »


Video Tips & More You Don’t Want to Miss

Video tips and moreFabulous Video tips and templates and video instructions from blogger Jennifer Bland at . Here’s just a snippet to whet your appetite — you’re definitely going to want to read the whole thing (and download the tempates and fonts, no doubt). She’s also got a unique monetization method for  herself that I personally couldn’t resist.

How to Reach 95% of Your Audience Every Time

The quickest way to increase your appeal to your target audience is to use a blend of communication mediums. That is a fancy way of saying use both written and visual communications. The visual would be an article or post on a website. The Visual would be a video describing almost the same thing you say in the written post.


A few more resources:

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