Hello, Technorati ! How to Get Listed on Technorati.com

Get Listed in Technorati

I’ve been aware of Technorati for a very long time — nearly forever. Such a cool name, don’t you think? The glitterati, the technorati — oh yeah, that’s me (cough, cough).

Okay, I’m neither.

What I didn’t realize was that you can have your blog listed on Technorati — I was under the impression that they had to choose, and surely it wouldn’t be my blog they’d chose, so I never even explored further. I am so glad to find out that I was wrong — or at least, yes, they choose, but you can apply.

I’m gearing up to do a major piece on Google. Or for me it would be major, so it would be wonderful to be listed on Technorati.

Psst! Just between you and me:   VNCGEEKGHVUP

It’s amazing to me that I don’t encounter the advice to get listed on Technorati elsewhere. Now be honest: among all the traffic-generating, linkbuilding, SEO-ing advice we usually encounter, have you seen it mentioned much? Or at all? Leave me a comment, please. And if you have seen it encouraged, are YOU therefore listed on Technorati?

And, btw, it’s only a PR8 site! PR8– do you realize how coveted that is?

How to Get Listed with Technorati

Here’s how to do it — just go there (Technorati.com) and join. and then hunt for the little green box in the sidebar area –  this:

And away you go. It’s not automatic, and I’m currently in process, so we’ll see if I’ve got the stuff or what.  Speaking of having the right stuff, you will have to have an RSS feed going on. So fix that before applying if you don’t have one.

Try it, you might like it!

UPDATE! Hooray! I’m in. In this morning’s email is the following:

This is an automatically-generated email.

Congratulations, your claim is now complete! Please allow 24 to 48 hours for Authority and recent posts to begin showing for your site now that it has been successfully claimed. Once they are there, we will update your site’s Authority once per day.

At first you may not see your site listed in the Technorati Blog Directory for all of the categories you’ve selected. As you write blog posts around those topics, you should see your Topical Authority in those categories begin to rise.

BIG smile.





5 Responses to Hello, Technorati ! How to Get Listed on Technorati.com

  1. Way back when I frist came online, I did get listed on Technorati, but I doubt if my blog is listed there now since I didn’t take an active part to get it listed.

    What are the benefits of getting it listed over being listed in Google?
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..How to Duplicate a Blog Post

  2. Hi, Bonnie — Being listed in Technorati definitely ought to help your ranking in Google SERPs, if that’s what you’re asking, since it’s a PR8 site. You should see some traffic from the listing as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Always very interesting for me to learn knew ways to get listed! Thanks for providing the info. Will check it out. Best Regards, Wendy Social Media MasterMind
    Wendy Bottrell recently posted..Gluten and Liver Disease

  4. Funnily enough I DID get my sites listed there ages ago.

    I just logged in and they still seem to be listed fine, although I must confess I haven’t noticed any traffic from them.

    But, hey, being on a PR8 must be good, so I’m not complaining.

    Thanks for the reminder. In fact I’d forgotten to add one site, so just been and gone through the process. Waiting now.

    Joy Healey recently posted..Cadmium Poisoning

  5. Thanks for sharing and I never even heard of this:) Learning new things every day and how to get listed!
    Debra Moser recently posted..Mother’s Day and A Step-Mom’s Perspective

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