I’m Ruthless with Email Marketers

Shark - a ruthless predator

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Yes, I am.  They get NO mercy from me whatsoever.

And I have a unique system   (at least I think it’s unique, despite how simple it is) for permanently weeding out those who refuse to hold up their end of the bargain.

What bargain, you ask? why the one they implicitly entered into in exchange for my email address — and that is to educate, entertain and/or delight me at least SOME of the time while pitching me their endless stream of sales stories the rest of the time. Personally, I’d prefer a 3:1 ratio, and I’ve seen that recommended by the goo-roos, but I’ve been hard-pressed to find that, in all honesty.

Here’s what brings this up at this time for me, and then I’ll tell you my “unique” system for weeding out the trash from the treasure.

I noted that a young  marketer named Gabe Johansson was petty much getting it right — cause for celebration!  (Note: He looks oh so very young, yet is incredibly articulate and quite knowledgeable from quick glance at his productions.)

Almost all his emails were actually sales pitches in the earlier phase of my subscription, BUT they are more sophisticated now and more in line with my preferences (and requirements). But even for the sales pitches, at least they combined worth and value in them as well — not just pitch. I liked that. A lot.

One of his emails invited people to his FB page and did it in a clever way, I thought.  The subject line of the email was: Question, which was curiosity-provoking enough that I opened it.

The body read: I’ve pinned a question to the top of my Facebook page and I’d like your input. Please leave me your response: https://www.facebook.com/GabeJohanssonDotCom

So I went to his FB page, noticed he has a YouTube channel, which looked very content-rich, and immediately subscribed to that.

I like this young man, and if he just makes a few adjustments to his email marketing, I’ll continue to be a subscriber.

What adjustments? More completely non-pitch emails (2:2 would be good, I think). No more than 4 emails a week — I don’t even want to hear from family members and “best friends” that often.

I’d also like to see him direct people to his blog more often (oops, does he have one? This link will get you on his mailing list: http://gabejohansson.com/index.php but I can’t find a way beyond it, though I remember him mentioning his blog — ?? ), and also more directs to his awesome lineup of YouTube videos.

Go ahead and sign up for his list (as if you didn’t have enough to read already, right?)

Okay, as promised, here’s my Separating the Treasure from the Trash method of deciding who to unsubscribe from:

As soon as I’ve clicked the double opt-in email for any list I’ve put myself on, I set up a filtering rule (in Gmail) for that sender’s emails to skip the inbox and go straight to my Current-Eval folder where they remain mostly unread until I go into Eval mode.

Then, when the mood strikes I pick a marketer from that file to evaluate, do a search on his or her emails and then just have a nice long look at what they’ve been sending me. It’s so easy to see whether this marketer is right for me or not, especially when I’m looking at 10 and more often than not, many more of their emails all at one time.

Often I can pretty much tell just from the subject lines., but I do them all the courtesy of examining enough of their emails to make sure they’re right for me. Or not. The objective, of course, is to weed them out. THEIR objective is to — well, I started to say, keep me on their list, but I’m sure that’s not true for most of them. Or if it is, they absolutely don’t know how to go about it.

No, THEIR objective is to make sales.

After that, if I unsubscribe, I send one of their emails to my Unsub’d folder so I can keep track. Anyone who continues to email me starting a few days after I’ve unsubscribed is asking for a spam complaint.

Works like a charm.

If you’d like more time-saving, overwhelm-quashing and productivity-enhancing tips like these, email me at Patricia at CrazyEasyProfits.com and when my new report is ready (it’s close), I’ll make sure you get it first.

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Now, be a dear and Tweet and FB this, will you? Connect with me there and on LinkedIN. Thanks a lot. OH, yes, leave a comment as well. What don’t YOU like about too many email marketers these days and who’s doing it right in your opinion?


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