Is Your Website Sticky Enough?

How about your Sales Page(s)? Landing page? Etc.?

You know about “sticky,” don’t you? It’s one of the things Google is interested in about your site as a whole plus your various posts and pages.

Is Your Website Sticky Enough?

By Ramesh NG via Wikimedia Commons

Google considers your site sticky if it’s interesting enough to visitors¬† so that they stay awhile. Google is utterly compulsive-obsessive about wanting to deliver relevant results to people who go googling for information, and “stickiness” lets Google know you’re site is probably relevant.

If, on the other hand, visitors take one look and quickly exit, that lets Google know — and yes, Google tracks everything — that your site isn’t worth looking at or bothering with. The end result is that Google all but ignores you in its SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) when people Google for things.

Now the tried-and-true method for making your site sticky is to have lots of great, compelling content of all sorts, and I highly endorse that. You can’t go wrong with great content and really interesting things for people to explore and look at.

But what about sales pages, landing pages, squeeze pages and opt-in forms? Harder to have “compelling” content there, and so sometimes they’re much harder to make sticky.
Is your website sticky enough?And sometimes it’s just nice to have a little extra help with that sticky thing.

I’m happy to tell you that HELP has arrived.

A new WP Plug-launched today March 23 that while I’ve had it the last 10 days in demo mode, increased my on-site stays by about 600% which is pretty darned dramatic.

The plugin is called Sticky Wiggly, a thoroughly customizable WPplug-in that lets you add all kinds of special moving effects to images, text, optin-forms, etc. so that they attract the reader’s attention, which encourages them to stay, increasing on-page views, readership and conversions. Not only will conversions increase, but Google takes note of how “interesting” visitors are finding your website, and will look more favorably on it relative to search page results.

Stick Wiggly lets YOU choose which on-site or on-page/post element(s) you want animated, lets YOU decide what animations to use (7 with the basic version or 50+ with the Ultimate version), which trigger fires the animation, and how long the delay is between animation events. Not only that, but you can configure multiple elements in each Group and up to three Groups. You’re clearly going to have a lot of fun playing with this amazing tool, too. If you get repeat visitors, change up your settings now and then –keep them interested and/or on their feet.

Make Your Website StickyI’m proud to say I’m a member of the small group of internet marketers/ entrepreneurs who’ve turned their talents to developing software with this as their first project. I was not part of this product’s development team but I did, however, write the User Manual.

I’m also thrilled to report that Sticky Wiggly has been generating all sorts of excitement¬† among its early adopters.

As with most WSOs, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee, so no reason not to at least try it. I’m confident you’ll really like it and appreciate what it does for your on-page views, opt-ins and conversions, and even SERPs. Be sure you got Google or another Analytics option installed so you can track the progress.

Comes in 4 flavors: Basic, Mutli-Site, Developers and Ultimate Sticky Wiggly

Be sure to read some of the great reviews — this guy has already made good money thanks to Stick Wiggly:

I have been beta testing this with my local clients and they love it and have seen increase in calls since we installed this plugin on there website. … So far Im profiting $1900 in 1 week

I have also been approaching wordpress website owners I find in google search and sending an email showing the demo and I’m getting sales this way!

This is the bees’ knees for local marketing clients, no doubt.


3 Responses to Is Your Website Sticky Enough?

  1. Loving the sound of this Patricia!
    Will definitely be taking closer look – thank you


  2. Hmm…I don’t know about this sticky wiggly thing. I don’t like flashing distractions, music in videos, and other irritants (my name for them) while I am reading.

    When something pops up, under, over, or wiggles, I simply leave. But, that’s just me. I’m thrilled that it’s working for you.:)
    Ruth Clark recently posted..The Third Edition of The Fantastic Blogs Newsletter Is Here

    • Thanks for weighing in with your opinion, Ruth. I confess I still have a bit too many things goin’ on — mostly out of inertia. But I definitely think this type of treatment has its place. Again, thanks!

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