Video Tips & More You Don’t Want to Miss

Video tips and moreFabulous Video tips and templates and video instructions from blogger Jennifer Bland at . Here’s just a snippet to whet your appetite — you’re definitely going to want to read the whole thing (and download the tempates and fonts, no doubt). She’s also got a unique monetization method for  herself that I personally couldn’t resist.

How to Reach 95% of Your Audience Every Time

The quickest way to increase your appeal to your target audience is to use a blend of communication mediums. That is a fancy way of saying use both written and visual communications. The visual would be an article or post on a website. The Visual would be a video describing almost the same thing you say in the written post.


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  1. Hello,

    Thank you for picking up my post showing you how to create product review videos. Glad to hear you like my unorthodox strategy to Internet Marketing! Please check back often as I try to post at least once a week and maybe I will have future posts that will be beneficial to your audience. Thank you for sharing!


    • Thanks, Jennifer. I am a fan of your website, so I’ll quite likely pick up more here and there. Appreciate you stopping by.

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